The now. Because this is definitely not the end.
After two classes of yoga, I was hooked. I never went before because I felt I couldn't keep up with the instructor, my attention span wasn't long enough, and I didn’t want to burst out laughing at myself and mess up everyone else. I realized going now, I am so set on getting into the poses and really trying that I am actually focused. I still do burst out laughing from time to time, but that will never change.
So here I am. For a person with a spinal fusion, yoga will physically be a little more difficult for me (right now) and certain ways I will not be able to bend. But here's the thing, I have found some complicated poses that I know I am still able to complete, and those are what I set out to do.
I remember just after my surgery, I started looking for “support groups"—people out there to reassure me that I was not alone. I found some, but wasn’t drawn to become active in any of them. Most that I found were for young kids who had the operation at a young age and parents of scolio warriors asking others in the same situation what to expect.
I started searching for other yogis with fused spines and found even less. So this is the now. This is why we are here. I have decided to start this blog/forum/support group as a resource and safe space for anyone suffering from scoliosis, or recovering from spinal fusion. I am very open with some parts of my life in hopes that it will inspire someone, so why not this too? Please join me on this journey.