Not So "Totally Screwed Up" Picks!

Here you will find a list of products that we at Totally Screwed Up Tribe has found TOTALLY helpful on their scoliosis and spinal fusion journeys! Click on the photos below to be taken to Amazon to purchase these life saving items! Check back frequently for new items! 

The Bent But Not Broken book follows a young girl and her family as the navigate the healthcare system from a diagnosis of severe scoliosis, to surgery, and beyond. A series of blog posts and an emotional, gripping narrative puts you right by their side for the whole journey. Challenges and successes changed their lives and uncovered strength in unexpected places. Join them as they learn that compassion and love build strong communities and even stronger families. 


"I  found this book to be very helpful and informative for me as a Mom of a daughter facing this same diagnosis. It takes you on a very emotional, heart felt journey the Butters' family endured from diagnosis to recovery. I was very well prepared when it came time for my daughter’s surgery thanks to this personal story. I highly recommend it!" - Reviewer

After surgery, the hardest thing to do can be icing your back. Jade went through so many different ice packs, trying to tie multiple to her body in order to keep them there, and ice her entire back. It wasn't until she went to physical therapy that she found out about this XL ice pack! The first day she used it, she called her grandmother and told her to order one for her! After physical therapy sessions, she would lay there with the ice pack on her back. Through surgery she was able to sit up against it in chairs, or lay on top of it in bed to ice her entire back at once. You will not be disappointed by this pick!