A New Life Of Service & A Dream Come True

In 2016, Jade had a spinal fusion operation to correct her scoliosis. By looking at her, you would not be able to tell that she has two rods and twenty-two screws in her back, but this was a new reality for her at the age of 23. She began looking for support groups, but couldn't find one she fit into because of her age. Most scoliosis treatments occur during adolescence, and as a result, most support groups attract a young audience. In that struggle, Jade's created Totally Screwed Up and her platform in life became raising awareness for scoliosis and spinal fusion. She has since applied to participate in Miss Black USA 2018, giving her a launchpad to spread her message and reach many more in the same vulnerable position.

Jade's two main reasons for living life as an advocate for scoliosis and spinal fusion:

  1. The support communities around scoliosis are young and don't appeal to the many older individuals who suffer. She was 23 when she had her spinal fusion operation.

  2. The scars, bulky braces, and uneven shoulders and hips cause many individuals who suffer to have low self-esteem and confidence. She wants to show that no matter the circumstance, they are still beautiful.


Totally Screwed Up is a not nonprofit organization dedicated to mentally, emotionally, and financially helping all individuals through their journeys with scoliosis and spinal fusion. 

It is Jade's life work.

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